What can we do for you

Energise your day by coming in for a workout.  Your physical and mental health will benefit greatly from regular exercise and meeting others.

During your Induction at Fitzone we will assess your current lifestyle and level of activity.

We will listen to what you want to achieve and then design your Personal Exercise Plan to aid you to achieve your fitness goals.

Goal Setting

The most important aspect of your personal fitness is to have a goal. Our instructors can help guide you towards a specific, achievable goal. This will give you the motivation and drive to keep moving forward whether its losing a couple of pounds, beating a target time or improving your strength.

Personal Exercise Plan

Your program will be tailored to you. During your Personal Training session one of our qualified instructors will show you every exercise and give you tips on your technique.  Each exercise will be geared towards you achieving your goal.

Continued Support

We know that it is hard to remember all instructions the first time and so our instructors will be available to help you and to answer your questions at any time.

Should you want any advice on nutrition or exercise technique or want to add some new exercises into your program the instructors will be there to help keep you motivated and progressing towards your goal.

We will re-assess your progress as you wish. Just book a one to one re-assessment.